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don't be scared to tell

This rhyming picture book was written to help protect children against sexual abuse. It is a great resource that parents, teachers and caregivers can use to teach children safeguards that will help them to speak up for themselves. We must give children tools that will help us keep them safe.

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It’s all about prevention!

Warning about strangers is not enough when statistics show that over 85% of sexual abusers are known by the child or child’s family. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. By educating children, we can stop the vicious cycles of abuse.

  • Easy To Teach

    This book will eliminate the difficulty and awkwardness of teaching young children about body safety.

  • Simple To Comprehend

    Don't Be Scared To Tell is an easy to understand rhyme that will arm children with tools that could prevent sexual abuse if they are ever faced with it.

  • The Facts

    Since studies show that almost 85% of abusers are known to a child, we focused on common places and people that all children are familiar with.

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  • « I was very excited to learn about this book. It is such a great, personal way to approach the subject of abuse. The subject is presented in such a thoughtful, caring way which I feel speaks to the heart of the author. The format presents an opportunity for communication between a parent and a child in a real way that a child can understand. Ultimately, this type of communication could assist in safeguarding a child from abuse. »

    Natalia M Mother of 3

  • « A wonderful tool for parents. This book addresses a difficult subject in a non threatening manner that is easy for children to understand.»

    William Wright Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • « This is a terrific book that will educate your little one in a way your child will surely understand. It not only educates the child; but the parents, educators, and care taker as well. “Don’t Be Scared To Tell,” will help any adult address this sensitive subject in a manner that is comfortable for both the adult and child. As a mother of four, I would recommend this book to my family and friends who have young children. »

    Florence G Legal Aid

  • « YOUR BOOK IS AWESOME! You probably already knew that though. I think it will be a very helpful tool for parents when it comes to protecting their child. I was definitely intrigued on how it shows the parent to treat the child towards this kind of situation; almost like building a stronger bond between the parent and child. I definitely think the footnotes are helpful. And it really will open the eyes of many parents. One day I’ll be sure to use your book as a powerful tool to protect my children. As a victim, I can say you have more than related to the children, especially in making them feel loved and not at fault. Once again, thank you! »

    Jane Doe Abuse Survivor

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