About the Book


“Don’t Be Scared to Tell” is a trust building book. It was written in an easy to understand rhyme that will arm children with tools that could prevent sexual abuse if they are ever faced with it. This book will eliminate the difficulty and awkwardness of teaching this important lesson. The book discusses common places and people that all children are familiar with since studies show that almost 85% of abusers are known to a child. The children in the book are accompanied by a little play monkey that was created to help show emotion. “Brave” the monkey will help younger readers understand the story better while teaching them to be brave. Reader footnotes are included throughout the book to help personalize the lesson for any child.

“Don’t Be Scared to Tell” was professionally illustrated and comes in hardcover. The book is almost ready in Spanish and is in the process of being translated into Chinese. We hope to have a version of the book in every language, for every child, because sexual abuse is a worldwide epidemic. We are working to change that!