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These are just a few of the reviews Don't Be Scared To Tell has received. We are always excited and encouraged when we receive feed back. Should you want to share a review please feel free to contact us.  
“I was very excited to learn about this book. It is such a great, personal way to approach the subject of abuse. The subject is presented in such a thoughtful, caring way which I feel speaks to the heart of the author. The format presents an opportunity for communication between a parent and a child in a real way that a child can understand. Ultimately, this type of communication could assist in safeguarding a child from abuse. “ –Natalia, mother of 3  
A wonderful tool for parents. This book addresses a difficult subject in a non threatening manner that is easy for children to understand. -William Wright LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker  
Love the illustration style you went with! Good luck! -Andy C.  
This is a terrific book that will educate your little one in a way your child will surely understand. It not only educates the child; but the parents, educators, and care taker as well. "Don't Be Scared To Tell," will help any adult address this sensitive subject in a manner that is comfortable for both the adult and child. As a mother of four, I would recommend this book to my family and friends who have young children. - Florence  
Wonderful way for parents to protect their children from predators. Thank you so much for writing this book. -Gail  
YOUR BOOK IS AWESOME! You probably already knew that though. I think it will be a very helpful tool for parents when it comes to protecting their child. I was definitely intrigued on how it shows the parent to treat the child towards this kind of situation; almost like building a stronger bond between the parent and child. I definitely think the footnotes are helpful. And it really will open the eyes of many parents. One day I'll be sure to use your book as a powerful tool to protect my children. As a victim, I can say you have more than related to the children, especially in making them feel loved and not at fault. Once again, thank you! -Abuse Survivor  
I love the idea of exposing this subject for parents to talk about this with their children. I like how it really stated the word NO and to say it loud and clear. I am so happy that you're doing this! -Anonymous